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Self-control (Angela Duckworth)

Posted: October 06, 2021

“The most important scientific discovery about self-control is that it can be taught.”—Walter Mischel

Self-control means doing what's best despite short-term temptations.

Why does self-control matter?

The Way: Traditional Taekwondo Volume A, Philosophy and Tradition. Summary

Posted: March 03, 2021


Annette Palacios, Senior Master Nominee, Class 2021


The Way: Traditional Taekwondo Volume A, Philosophy and Tradition. Chapter 2, History.

Posted: February 12, 2021

Although Taekwondo can be trace back 1300 years, evidenced by the "Ancient Warriors" found in a Buddhist shrine, all other history was passed on in stories from generation to generation. 

There was general concern that the versions practiced were heavily weighted in Chinese and Japanese styles.   After Korea regained it's independence, at the end of World War II, General Choi tried to unify all the styles in Korea including the 9-kwans (5-kwans developed during the occupation and 4-kwan developed after) using the term Taekyon.  The other styles at the time, were Tang-so Do (the Chinese word for empty hand), Gong-soo Do, the Chinese word used by the Japanese and Soo-bak Do based on the ancient Korean art of Soo-bak. 

In 1955, General Choi decided to petition for the art to be called Taekwondo; Tae (the foot or jump or kick), kwon (strike) do (the Way).  This was to reclaim the art under the Korean umbrella and begin a movement to create forms that would demonstrate the flexibility and kicking abilities of the Korean martial artists.  On April 11, 1955 General Choi presented the name to a committee that was responsible for choosing the name of the Natalional Martial Art for Korea.  

The Way: Traditional Taekwondo Volume A, Philosophy and Tradition. Chapter 1, philosophy.

Posted: February 07, 2021

Drawn to the philosophy of art, I find myself navigating back to this book often.  I definitely read it when I was a color belt and have referenced it when young students request more information and are eager to learn.  And, luckily, I get to review it again, right before making another commitment to Songahm Taekwondo, Senior Master Instructor.

It's a crazy time.  We continue to fight with the corona virus approaching our 12 month of quarantine.  The divide of the country also continues to take victims by breaking families, friendships and working relationships.

The book is easy to read.  Divided into 9 chapters (no surprise there), it covers:


Posted: January 21, 2021

The Best Habits to Develop Better Self-Discipline

The first Life Skill of 2021 is Discipline – which is convenient for starting off a new year because we need Discipline to actually go through with our resolutions and goals that we set at the beginning of the year. Many of us struggle with self-discipline because it usually requires a great deal of effort. I want to help you accomplish better self-discipline and see the value in it with these tips that I gathered from several articles…

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