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Posted: May 25, 2019

Discipline – “To Obey What is Right”

 Sabrina Ott




Discipline: Training to ensure proper behavior; the practice or method of teaching and enforcing acceptable patterns of behavior
– Encarta Dictionary


In January and February, ATA Martial Arts is focusing on the life skill DISCIPLINE.  Quite simply, discipline means “to obey what is right.”  As the above definition states, just as we train physically in martial arts, we must also train our behaviors- our habits- to become better people overall.

ATA Tigers:

Discipline begins when you are young with obedience, such as listening to parents and teachers who want what is best for you.  Examples like remembering to brush your teeth, going to bed at the right time or choosing healthy snacks are all ways to teach this type of discipline to your youngest students.

ATA Karate Kids:

Obedience is still important with this age group, but it also begins to lead to self-discipline.  Self-discipline means to obey your conscience.  It’s when we no longer need to be told what to do in every situation.  Knowing you should finish your homework before screen time and volunteering to put targets away after class are things you do that create good habits as you mature.


Discipline is hard for this group and it’s where self-control comes in!  Controlling your temper during a tough sparring match, knowing not to give in to peer pressure and thinking long term about the choices you make are all part of discipline.  This is when true leadership is shown so challenge your teen students to be the example and not follow the crowd!

Adults :

Admittedly, all stages of discipline are something that we as adults need to be reminded of. The highest form of discipline is self-awareness.  This happens when we not only obey our conscience, but control our emotions and understand our role in the universe.  Be punctual, stay focused on your goals, and keep fitness as a priority for a healthy lifestyle.  And don’t forget your passion!  People with discipline use their passion to make great things happen.