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Self Control - New Years Resolutions - Start Strong - Finish Stronger!

Posted: May 25, 2019

Establishing Life Skills to Help at School, Work and In Training

Think of you Songahm journey as a car trip and you are the driver.  To stay on the path to a black belt or World Champion title, you need to control the vehicle, keeping on the road and adjusting your speed to make it around curves, up hills and around any other obstacles you find in your way.  Just like controlling that steering wheel and accelerator, controlling the various aspects of your life is a skill that will k


Posted: May 25, 2019

The Leadership Life Skill that Leads to an Abundant Life

November is here and during the last two months of the year, we are practicing the Leadership Life Skill Honesty.  Quite simply, honesty it is the process of recognizing, accepting and expressing your true, authentic self. 

We teach in our ATA classes that honesty is “the first step to an abundant life,” which means listening to your conscience, having the courage to confront the consequences of your action

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